A Logo in Action

As our product matures and as we start working closely with early customers, it’s high time that we figured out how to best represent ourselves.

More specifically, we’ve been dialoguing as a team what our brand icon and typography might look like and we had an extended conversation last night as we walked through a few concept pieces.

Now, we’re not quite at the point where we can share any of the pieces, but, here’s some sketch work done by a talented friend and designer:

Concept pieces for the Pinpoint Brand Icon

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s hard enough to figure out the right name of your product (let alone the business) but it’s also difficult to find the right visual way to represent it (and even harder if you eventually get to the point of a mascot!)

I’ll admit, I’m not the best when it comes to logos and brand icons and my choices in the past weren’t always so great. In fact, I’d much prefer to defer in these types of things because I just don’t believe I have as good of a taste in design as some people give me credit for (and it’s not that many).

But Jeff shared something important in Slack as we discussed it when it comes to emotion:

The emotion happens when you put a logo in action and it has meaning as you invoke it in the product, in the copy, etc…

I had to agree. The product is the very thing in motion, the thing that you share and you give to customers and those that first interface with the business. It’s something tangible and the logo becomes a bit more real and engaging the moment the customer has context.

That makes a lot of sense; I just hadn’t heard it in that manner. It’s a logo, in action, and without a great product you wouldn’t have the action and, consequently, a logo, regardless of how swank it might be, is just useless.

We are people of action building a system to help others make better decisions (i.e. action) with their product and their businesses. Go figure.

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