The “Developer Graph”

I’m not a super-fan of Facebook but the service and technology is impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere and it’s a daily (if not hourly) tool for many of the closest people in my life, like my wife.

For all that I don’t like about it I am reasonable to understand and appreciate all of the value that it does create for so many people, organizations, and businesses.

Tech Co's
Tech Co’s

And perhaps the most exciting thing that it’s done technologically is that it’s connected so many people together in what Zuckerberg has famously popularized as the “Social Graph” during the F8 conference in 2007.

The newly introduced Facebook Platform would begin to take advantage and use all of the relational data that it’s collected to create additional, untapped value. I see the same potential for the developer class, especially now since all companies on God’s green earth are technology companies, right?

For those in the technology world we can already see that happening, but it’s finally touching / expanding into the largest companies on the planet (and impacting public markets):

The early August rankings were a reminder of how far tech has come. It is a dominant force in the stock market and the economy, one so all-encompassing that tech may no longer even be a useful concept for understanding today’s stock market.

So a social graph focused specifically on the developer / engineering class isn’t just a niche concept anymore – it’s a ubiquitous and pragmatic understanding of how work gets done and, most importantly, how people communicate and relate to one another.

Building out the developer graph is an interesting concept that isn’t being done en-masse quite yet. The infrastructure is already being (has been) built but the lines and the paint are still being planned and painted.

The open source movement, the OS philosophy, and the OS way of building product (and the resulting companies) are edging us forward every day – now would be the best time to coalesce the data and intelligence we have into a global, interconnected, vibrant and living system.

Ultimately, the point would be that we’d have more transferability, more visibility, and more ways for all of us to build better software. This, of course, aligns perfectly with what we’re trying to do with this project.

And I think we’re on our way. Take a look at June, July, and stay tuned for the August prototype preview.

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