On Doubling Down

I’m not a card player and I barely know the rules of poker, but, I did share a room with someone who was super-serious about his game while in college and because he hosted many game nights in our small room I picked up a thing (or two).

In blackjack the term “doubling down” is a move that can promise a larger reward and outcome but only if the player is willing to also take a larger risk. If the player feels confident then you have the option to double your bet and then you pray and hope for the best.

Since those college years I’ve heard the term “doubling down” used many times in the professional world, often times being used in the context of focusing one’s efforts in an even more concerted or concentrated way. This could be for an individual, a team, or the entire organization as a whole.

The idea is still very much the same though; if the leadership feels confident enough to move resources and energy into specific (and perhaps different) areas of the business the hope is that this renewal of focus or refocusing effort will yield greater than average results.

With that in mind we feel that we, as an organization, are in a similar spot as  we’ve spent almost a year heads-down, working hard, and ironing our our product and our offering to a fine-point.

In conjunction with the product and engineering effort, we’ve talked with a bunch of potential customers and have decided to partner with a handful who will become “design partners,” working with our concept and bringing it formally into their environment and enterprise. We couldn’t be more excited.

Finally, because we’ve become much more focused on who we are and what we’re building and who we will be serving it has resulted in, unsurprisingly, a growth in our team. We need, in short, more hands around the table and are looking to hire some great folks who will allow us to serve our early customers well and also grow our culture. These are very exciting times!

Consequently, with all of this in mind, we are doubling down on product and especially customer delivery which will borrow more resources from the more public things that we’ve been doing over the past year.

The impact isn’t considerable, but, it does mean that we’ll be reducing the amount of blog posts that we push out every week and also our bi-weekly newsletter which will move to one issue a week. It’ll still be what you’ve come to expect: A highly-curated and hand-picked group of 10 resources sent straight into your amazing inboxes.

My personal belief is that only a few folks will notice the change and, like most things, this is just for a season as we focus our entire team’s efforts on making our design partners super-happy. Everyone wins in this decision and we feel confident that the risk/reward is low on the former and very, very high on the latter.

So, to that point, perhaps this is not as much of a true and technical “doubling down” event but rather a strategic decision with great upside. We’ll take it and we’re excited to get started.

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