The Next Thing, We Call It #EngOps

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I’d like to give you an update about what I’ve been working for the past few months since departing Appcelerator.

Nolan (who co-founded Appcelerator with me) and I joined together with our friend, John Saddington, to start a new venture. Right now, we’re calling it Pinpoint (or pinpt for short since you can’t seem to get any reasonable domain name anymore).

Pinpt in action. We’re using our own product to build it. We’ve had great progress in the past 30 days!

And we’ve been super busy getting ready for today … we launched our private alpha release today!! And I’m so excited. It feels so great starting something brand new and shipping product.

It also is a chance to execute against these five things that I’ve wanted to do in my next venture as well as build my first-ever B Corporation. I hope you follow along here!

So what are we doing?

We’re focusing on building a product for high performance engineering teams to provide actionable analytics and to help them build better software.

We’re calling this #EngOps.

If you’re a company which employs people to build software — either for yourself or others — either insourced or outsourced — we think we can help you and your team achieve better ROI and have more fun doing it. Join us on this journey by signing up to join the private beta for early access.

You can also follow our blog (here!) or twitter account for more information. Stay tuned for a lot of fun stuff coming. You can also follow me on twitter at @jhaynie.

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