The First of Many

We’ve got a busy week this week as we work on product, work through early customer feedback, and even chat with a few venture partners for what we know is an exciting opportunity to seriously impact software companies of every single size.

It can get so busy at times that we easily forget to appreciate the small things, be grateful for all that we have, and I have to be explicitly reminded of how great of a pleasure it is to build something that I believe matters.


I got one of those reminders just a few days ago when I was reminded that the renewal on a certain domain name was coming up: (which now redirects to

Almost 1 year ago I registered that domain after a short convo with the partners and put together a quick landing page to begin capturing the attention of early customers and to start building a visible community around the product concept.

I say “concept” here intentionally as we had a gist of an idea but we had not quite figured out the specifics of how we’d ultimately manifest the value that we knew organizations needed in their technical and product businesses. What we needed was public feedback and so we started telling our story from Day #1, leaving nothing to chance.

Headed in the right direction. Atlanta skyline.

So I registered the domain and we got things rolling and I can’t really believe that it’s already been a full year since that time.

We’ve come a long way and although the product has morphed a handful of times I’m proud to say that Jeff and Nolan’s original vision for creating more transparency around the technical and product work in an organization is still very much at the heart of what we’re building.

I’m also just grateful, as I’ve said, to work with those two guys and watch them build with incredible speed and pace to meet the needs of our early customers and to continue to hone and refine the product to a fine point.

I suppose, if anything, the email for the renewal reminder just gave me a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and appreciate all that’s going on. As crazy as it might be and as much as we haven’t quite figured out it’s still very much a privilege and honor to be building with these two men.

We’ve come a long way in the last year but it’s just the first of many. And to think how much farther we’ll be a year from now is, well, beyond exciting. Onward and upward!

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