A Few Screenshots of the “June Prototype”

One of the best things about the open source community and the software that is built around the open source philosophy is the fact that everyone is invited to participate in the process.

And although everyone is invited (i.e. there’s an open invitation) not everyone can (or will) participate equally since a lot of the participation is through building the software itself and the actual engineering.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but, I think it leaves a lot “on the table” in terms of actionable and valuable feedback since most people are not engineers (and many engineers simply do not have time to fully engage).

What’s strangely ironic is that most of the users of most of the software out there are not actually engineers! So, it pays to solicit and gather feedback from as many sources as possible, especially the folks that you hope will eventually use the software.

Consequently, that’s what I plan to do with this project! Besides, real transparency isn’t transparency if you’re not going to share any “behind the scenes” type of stuff, especially in the early stages!

Now, I’ve already shared some of these screenshots of a “working” (just local, not production) prototype to a few select friends and trusted folk and the feedback has been superb; there’s nothing more satisfying that getting truly honest (and sometimes “brutal”) on what you’re working on when it’s done in a supportive way!

I won’t give much context for these except this: I’m building a tool that will allow developers and technical leaders build better software and so everything that I’m putting together is aimed squarely at providing rich, contextual data to do just that.

So, just think upon that as you review these pieces!

A simple personal dashboard.
Who doesn't like trend data?
Who doesn’t like trend data?
Commit details.
A personal profile, dash.

If you’d like more context and would love to have a chat about what I’m putting together, I’d love that! Feel free to email me directly.

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