More Than Just Engineering

I’m back in company-building mode, which means that my head naturally moves to more than just product and engineering. Putting the pieces together operationally is fun in all the right ways, even the more monotonous parts. This is mostly because I consider it an honor and a privilege to build something that people want.

In addition, I have this positive attitude because it means that we’ve landed on something that is resonating with folks. Not just myself and the team but also some of the financial backers that we’re beginning to have conversations and with, of course and most importantly, some of the early (future) users of the product.

Clearly we’ve hit a touch-point for both engineers and software development teams and the larger organizations that house them.

via Dilbert
via Dilbert

And although we’re spending a great deal of time thinking about software developers and their teams it’s never enough to just stop there. Building an organization that is universally friendly to all parts of the business is important, not just for our customers but also for ourselves.

A great company will scale in every area of the business, operations, admins, engineering, legal, sales, product, marketing, design, etc., etc., etc. How all of this works is making sure that the culture of our organization is as healthy as possible, which I’ve written about extensively before.

Cultures built on trust start with the founding team and are extended throughout every hire from then on. I also have begun to believe that the internal culture also impacts the early customers as well as our cultural DNA is “all over” the product. Cultural elements like transparency and authenticity can be made explicit in the product in tangible and meaningful ways and those values can be and should be obvious.

Part of writing consistently on this blog is to begin to craft and share the story of how we’re putting not just the product but also the company. As we move toward both, and especially the latter part, I’ll start sharing more information on how that comes together as well.

A great business is more than engineering and I think it’s worth noting this publicly as a point of accountability, even and especially for myself, because as an engineer my own gravitational pull leans heavily in that direction. I want to build a company where great and passionate people feel welcome to contribute, to build value and wealth for themselves and those that they serve.

I can’t wait to share more.

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