Building for Real Behavior

The challenge with building products that people really love is identifying real behavior, not fictitious, manufactured, or fabricated behavior.

From another angle, it’s so easy to deceive ourselves into believing that what we are building really is the problem that most people are having when it’s actually not. I think many product builders and engineers are susceptible to these fallacies; I know that I am.

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A Few Screenshots of the “August Prototype”

As I have done for the last few months (June and July) I wanted to continue to share a few more updated screenshots of what I’m putting together so you all can continue to get a sense of the momentum that’s being built behind-the-scenes.

And as I survey even the last few months it’s fascinating to review the changes myself as it becomes even more obvious how much work has been done and how much more exciting the project is becoming.

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The “Developer Graph”

I’m not a super-fan of Facebook but the service and technology is impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere and it’s a daily (if not hourly) tool for many of the closest people in my life, like my wife.

For all that I don’t like about it I am reasonable to understand and appreciate all of the value that it does create for so many people, organizations, and businesses.

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LinkedIn for Developers?

LinkedIn is almost impossible to ignore – it’s so big and so widely used in every circle, market, and industry that it’s essentially everywhere. And even more so with LinkedIn being acquired by Microsoft for an ungodly amount ($26B) it’s gotten as much attention that any company could ever ask (or pay) for.

But if you’re a technical (i.e. software engineer) person like me then you might have a bit of a love-hate relationship with LinkedIn and every time you see it you may even cringe a little (at least on the inside). It’s not that the network is completely without value, it’s just that it’s not all that entirely useful for software developers, engineers, and the more technically-inclined.

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On Logos, Brands, and Mascots

Every team and every project and every company, eventually, has to decide how to best represent and communicate their work to the world. Typically this is housed under the moniker of a “logo” but there’s something deep within my soul that is pretty averse to that word.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many terrible ones in my time, especially with the fly-by-night startups that popup (and then disappear) and that generally follow the soup-du-jour design mechanics and whatever is the culturally relevant design zeitgeist.

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A Few Screenshots of the “July Prototype”

Keeping form with the new cadence of sharing screenshots of the project (a’la June Prototype Screenshots) I wanted to give you a snapshot of the next few iterations.

But, unlike last month, I wanted to give a bit more context around these screenshots so I can get a bit more exact feedback from our faithful readers and subscribers.

So, take a moment and dream with me for a bit, will you?

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A Quick Product Survey

I took a week off from posting last week and that’s because I was on vacation – go figure.

But, if you’re like me, I got pretty angsty and the break just gave me more time to think through building a compelling and useful product for software developers and teams.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I want to get as much feedback as humanly possible so I’ve put together the first (of many) quick surveys that I could use your help on. Mind giving me a few minutes of your time?

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A Few Screenshots of the “June Prototype”

One of the best things about the open source community and the software that is built around the open source philosophy is the fact that everyone is invited to participate in the process.

And although everyone is invited (i.e. there’s an open invitation) not everyone can (or will) participate equally since a lot of the participation is through building the software itself and the actual engineering.

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Hey, This Newsletter Thing Can Actually Work…

It’s been an incredibly busy week in every way and I’m always so grateful for it.

Yes, sure, of course… we all have a ton of things going on but not all of our “busy-ness” is good; in fact, if I’m to be honest, there have been times in my life where the work that I was doing didn’t amount to very much and in the worst cases I knew that I was essentially wasting my time.

I hate that and I don’t want that for you nor do I want that for myself! Time is short, limited, and valuable and we should always be working on the stuff that really matters!

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A Newsletter About Building Better Software

TL;DR: Awesome weekly newsletter containing useful links and content that will help you build better software. Subscribe below:

When I started putting together the email newsletter for this new project I went into auto-pilot mode without giving it very much original or new thought.

My intention was simple (and also unoriginal): Capture emails from interested people and parties that would like to virtually tag along with the process of putting the project together.


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