Questions I’m Asking (and the Problems I’m Trying to Solve)

As I’m putting the pieces together (and they are coming together quickly!) there are a number of questions that I’m asking not only myself but also a ton of other people so that I can get objective feedback, advice, and perspective on what I should ultimately put together and build.

I got a great round of feedback via the initial announce post although the #1 response was “So… what exactly are you building…?” which makes sense since I was intentionally vague to begin with.

But, as you can imagine, I’ll be talking (and showing) more as I move forward. For starters, here are some of the questions that I’m asking:

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Yes, We Can Build Better Software

I’ve spent a good 18 years building software and I’m so grateful to have found something that matches both my interests and skills. To even say that aloud is wild! And although a ton of things have changed there have been an equal amount of things that have stayed the same; some things more welcome than others!

Among the more welcome (and exciting) things that have changed are the introduction of new and more powerful languages, technologies, and platforms that are enabling more people to build solutions faster than ever before.

The tools have also gotten better and the rise of “frameworks” and discrete methodologies have allowed the conversion of ideas into real software to become even more resource efficient. For instance, these things have allowed me to dip my toe into the “indie” software development world deeply and I’ve been fortunate to have some of those projects do quite well!

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