Public Benefit from Day One

One of the things that we haven’t spent much time talking about is the fact that our parent company (i.e. legal entity) is a Public Benefit Corporation (“PBC”) that was registered late last year.

You can read more about what a PBC is all about on the B-Corporation website. It’s a bit text-heavy, to be honest, but, the point is that we’re simply doing business differently and with intent to make our world a better place.

Now, that might sound a bit “fluffy” and too emotional for a business but it’s really not. PBC companies are for-profit organizations that are legally obligated to consider the impact of our decisions upon society and the world, not just our direct shareholders and fiscally-bound partners.

This means that we can “do good and do business well” as Jeff has shared previously:

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In particular, I love how Jeff shares what I believe to be true as well:

Business can be fun, make money, and change the world for the better.

None of these things need to be mutually-exclusive. We are able to do all of those things in tandem without contradiction and without compromise.

And this is my first time building a PBC as well, which means that I’m learning a ton about what it means to be a PBC and behave like one as well.

Now, we’ve just started, and I was reminded of our commitment when I read over Kickstarter’s 2016 Benefit Statement which shares some of their commitments and points of execution. We shared this in our weekly #EngOps Newsletter today as well.

Their full charter can be found here. I suppose it’s just encouraging to see other, larger startups-turned-companies make these commitments and continue to share their own learnings as they go along.

This is, of course, our modus operandi as well as we’ve shared our progress every week on this blog to give you insight and perspective on not just how and what we’re building but also the very important why, which drives all of our decision-making.

We simply believe that there’s a ton of room for improvement when it comes to building software and this isn’t just the tools but also the techniques, the perspectives, the management, and the way we hire, manage, lead, and treat (diverse) people. All of this is encapsulated in our Engineering Operations worldview.

This is not Jeff, Nolan, nor my “first rodeo,” as they say, and we are all deeply motivated to build great products and a great company. And, we are also insanely passionate about learning from our previous business-building experiences (and mistakes) and iterating on how we build all of these things better.

Making this company a PBC from Day #1 is one way that we’re doing that, from the inside-out. We’ll have more to come about this initiative and charter and more specifically on how we plan on implementing it in the coming months.

Stay tuned and thanks for following along – that means a ton to all of us! Feel free to ping us if you have any questions.

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