It’s the Small Things

Sorry, not sorry. I’m a bit obsessed with newsfeed design(s), user interfaces, and naturally user experiences right now.

I’ve signed up for god knows how many social networking services and apps in the last few weeks (and months) to just see how other brilliant folks are building out / have built out their feeds.

And, as you might imagine, there have been a handful of obvious patterns that have emerged and then a few very intriguing and unique implementations that caused me to pause for a serious moment.

I may draft up and epic post of all of these design implementations at some point but, at least for now, I’ll continue to share with you what we’re working with (and on).

This is a bit of a continuation of our February 2017 design iteration series (is it a “series”…?) as we continue to hack on our own implementation and we’re continuing to dialogue and test for ourselves what we feel is “right” and useful.

One of the immediate challenges that was brought up from our first iteration was the ability to parse through what will inevitably be a significant amount of data. How do we do this well and create a huge amount of signal for the end-user?

Well, the first is filtering and there’s nothing better than a gif for this:

Filtering the feed.

(Bonus content at the end of the gif! 😆  We’re definitely sharing this in real-time folks…)

So, as you can see, the experience of walking through a ton of very important and actionable data is now infinitely easier with filters. These, of course, are just first-pass experiments, but, we like where we are headed.

The point is that there is a lot of very important data that you and I want to know about as it relates to our engineering operations but it can get lost in the feed if it’s not managed well or if we don’t create systems of visual management and curation.

We’ll continue to massage and test this internally and release it to our early testers when ready. If you have any thoughts or have experienced any feeds that you particularly love then feel free to share them with us!

Sometimes the small things can make the most impact in our product designs. Let’s continue to keep it simple, shall we?

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5 Replies to “It’s the Small Things”

  1. I like what you guys are doing. I design and do front end for enterprise apps that are data heavy. My 2 cents: in these early stages, please consider building an input box filter into your dropdowns that triggers when you have more than a given number (e.g., 6) options. Otherwise, you will eventually end up with dropdowns that are 10 miles long and it’s scroll, scroll, scroll. The filter mechanism should scale a little better. I’m thinking about your ‘organization’ dropdown in particular. Our app has a ton of those (and growing), so we have the filter.

    1. Anthony, thanks for dropping us a line! Appreciate that feedback! This is good stuff to be thinking about, for sure. Do you have some examples of your own app that I could see? Love to compare notes…

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